There are currently(49) TYG Family Members as of year

This is the KOCADOOR Department. All family discussion regarding the family program will be under several categories.
This department will be our communication page. There are 6 Kocadoors.

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(The Younge Generation) - TYG -- Speaking to Everyone.


Written on: 12/1/2017
December Birthdays cards will give and/or mail out to B_y, P_b, Ad_k, and p_A_a on Monday (12/2/2017). We still have opportunity to sign these cards.

Written on: 12/1/2017
Read about the MONTH OF THE LEAF Department and its purpose.
Pansy (J) is in charge of the Leaf Department. Encourage the key players to follow the directions and see it through. We need a wishlist for kids under 10 by March 1.

Written on: 12/1/2017
Read SAAIM Department:
The keyplayers are Y, B_r1 and P_a. These members should make sure that
all family required infomation are fulfill. For example, I need Date of Birth for Ad_k, and Ad_L.
I need all family members phone number, so we all can follow the program smoothly. We wouldn't have to explain much to younger members about the program. They will learning about the program as they grow.

Written on: 12/1/2017
Since many of us change our phone number often, I will stop texting infomation regarding this program.
Every Month there will be NEW topic(s) to discuss about the program on the home page "Parika BackDam". What we need to do, is to read and follow all instruction(s) that will make the program a sucess.

Written: Year 2017
MY GOAL is for the TYG (All of us) to have ideas where we can make
a profit of $2000.00 per week. We can have many small businesses
or just a few. As long as, we can bring in at least $2000.00 per week.
That is, $2000.00 or more per week.
In one year, we can have $104,000.00.

Idea: What about 4 trucks? $500.00 from each, per week.

These plans will take time, a lot of years that is, for e.g., 5, 10 years even 20 years to accomplish. No one should expect a reward soon. If things go according to plan, you can see a little benefit from the programs we are putting together within a year, but we have to Focus on the long term.

Some of us have different last other than "YOUNGE", so we have to be careful when we are naming something. So, I would like for the ones with different last names to play a part when choosing a name.

As I go through these businesses/investments, I will let you know when I have to use YOUNGE and when we can use other last name(s). Read more on the Restaurant page, and the Transportation page under "job in progress."

Written on: 12/1/2017

The B_y is planning to organize a FAMILY REUNION for all of us.
We need to set a date (Tentitive date: July 7). We have 6 months to put this thing together.
We need a Hall or a Park to host the family renuion.
The LOCUS Department will cover all expenditure for this even.
There are 49 Family members.
The family is grouped into 3 groups.
The groups are TYG Family Members (aka, BROSIS), YOF Members (aka $5/wk members), and TYG Members.
However, we only have 2 main groups: YOF Members(aka, $5/wk members), and TYG Members (aka, include all
other family members plus BORSIS.
So, all appreals should have YOF Members and TYG Members print on them.
Appreals will also show the codenames. For example, All BROSIS codenames on appreals will show D_s_c or G_p_m.
These codenames tell who is parent, how many kids and kids names. We can buy/make(customize T-Shirts).
We will have to buy 49 White T-Shirts and print the word "TYG Family Members;"
"YOF Members;" and "TYG Members".

We have to get the t-shirt size from each member.
This info. can be sent to B_y and/or E, to put on the webiste.
J, B_y, B_r2 will buy and print all T-Shirts. We will hand out these t-shirts at the event.
E, L, A and G will look into the Hall/Park and Music.
P, J, B will look into the Food and Drinks.
D, Br, Y, and R will oversee the overall event.
ALL others can place him/herself in any group or elsewhere.


(Younge Offense Force)- YOF - Speaking to UNCLE Shareholders.

1. Encourage D_c and P_s to put the $5/wk together. Goto YOF members home page for more information.
2. B_r1 will send texts or messages to all YOF Members once a week reminding them about their $5/wk payments.
3. All YOF Members need to go to the KOWHA Department for more information.


(BROthers and SISters) - BROSIS - Speaking to all my Brothers and Sisters

R has to call the representives from the 5 families for the
number of family members who would like to participate in the
$1/wk program.
She needs to remind everyone in this family or Family Number one about the $1/wk.
Other four families representives have to call their family members about the $1/wk program.

R will only need the number of people from the other families who will pay the $1.00 per week toward THE YOUNGE FOUNDATION.

Read more about the FIVE Families.


Speaking to UNCLE Trustees.
These are YOF Members who will oversee the $5.00 per week program.

Go to the KOWHA Department to see UNCLE Trustees for more information.


Speaking to ASZAL trustees.
These are ASZAL Members who will oversee the $10.00 per week program.

Go to the LOCUS Department to see ASZAL Trustees for more information.


Speaking UNCLE ASZAL Trustees.

Within 3 years of this program, this family earned over $5600 in profit.
Go to the BANK ACCOUNT or the RINGS Department for more information.

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