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P_a, J_a, and A_a1 will be the TREASURY/COOKRIT of TYG (the Loose Change Jars).

We will consider MARCH to be "MONTH OF THE COOKRIT". During the month of March, we will discuss changes to the cookrit tree. We will make, if any, changes to the structure. For example, a new born in the family will be added at the bottom of the cookrit tree. This new born will also be added to the TYG REGISTRY. We will also check for if a JAR needed or not.

The COOKRIT TREE Department will be a self funded department by using the loose change JARS. The Mission is to make sure that all of us who has a child or have children are to put loose change in a jar and surrender it during our birth month. If you don't have a jar, you will have to put up $40 in place of your jar. There will be only one jar per family, for one, or more children. We can submit our payments direct to the cookrit department, through the Locus, the Kowha, or the Shamarak Department. Members of the cookrit department will collect these jars. TYG Members will help with the ordering and purchasing of the toys and games for KIDS UNDER 10.

TYG Members will purchase and mail all toys and games to all beneficiaries. We must minimize all mailing cost, that is, we can transfer money to other family account to use for that family child's toys and games. All wish list members must have his/her correct date of birth and address to make things easier for all of us. All new born or expecting will be added to the registry and the wishlist for kids under 10. In this way, we all will know and play our role. The Saaim Department members will also play a role for new parent(s).

The diagram below shows the three departments that will support all kids under 10. The Cookrit department will provide toys and games four seasons per year. The Provision department will distribute dry goods (food), while the Leaf Department will support clothings (appreals) four seasons per year.

This diagram shows the members who will oversee the cookrit department. All family members will also receive a birthday cards from this department. We all will get the opportunity to sign and pick All birthday cards at 95-21 147 Place,Jamaica. Cards also will be mailed to family members.

L will be in charge of all birthday cards.
We will put together 2 months of birthday cards prior to the up coming birthdays during those months.
Please go to the Birthday webpage to make sure that your birthdate is correct.

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The names in the Blue Circles of the Diagram showed the Jars Overseers of the Loose Change Program. There are currently 2 overseers. These overseers are also considered to be TYG Members. They have to make sure that the people in the Yellow circles call the people in the Black circles. They will buy Toys, Games, Stationery, Clothings, etc for the ones in the Red circles. The people in the red circles are also our kids under 10. The beneficiaries will receive these things, 4 times or 4 seasons per year. We will collect their Wishlist and use the Jars Collection to cover the expenses.

The TYG Members will call all Jar owners during the jar owner's birth month, as kindly reminder. These Loose Change Jars will use to buy toys and games, four seasons per year. These seasons are EASTER, SUMMER, BACK TO SCHOOL, and X-MAS. The Pickup Month or Due Date for Jars are, the month of MARCH to cover EASTER Stuffs, the month of JUNE to cover SUMMER Stuffs, the month of SEPTEMBER to cover BACK TO SCHOOL Stuffs, and the month of DECEMBER to cover X-MAS Stuffs.

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