This is the CASTNET DEPARTMENT. This department main focus will be on the Compling and Storing of TYF Family data and information .

A_a1 will oversee the CASTNET Department and its members.

This is the part of the Family Board of Education Department - (BOE).


We will consider JUNE to be the "MONTH OF THE CASTNET". During the month of June, we will discuss things that relates to the CASTNET Department.

A_a1 will be in charge of the CASTNET Department and its Members. She will make sure that all University/College, and High School Family Members play their roles in the LEAD and NET department.

The Mission of the CASTNET Department is to make sure that all the Research and Development (R&D) data or information are Compile and Store in the Family Database.
The CASTNET group will Gather, Collect, Read, Write, Compile, Store, and Secure all data/infromation in the TYG Database Enterprise. Any Data or Information collected and written by the LEAD, and NET Members will oversee by the CASTNET Department Members.

The R&D Team will convey all data/information to the Castnet Department that would be useful or beneficial to the family program/business. In the Castnet Department, there are Sub-departments where all data will be read and write in the LEAD Department, while the NET Department will collect and gather any data or information that may be useful to the family program/business.

Those departments above will oversee by the following Departments:
The Suemattoo Department, the Academia Department and the Academic Department.
The Academia members will share/teach other members what they have learn during the school years.

For example, if someone is taking an Accounting course, we will have that person find out all about Debits and Credits, Balance sheet, Financial statement, Financial Report, etc.
For Business courses, we will have that person find out all about Business Technology and Software such as, Excel/Spreadsheet, Access(DataBase), Word, Powerpoint, Peach tree, or any other business applications or software that would be helpful to the family business.
Anyone taking English, Mathematices, Physics, E-comerce, Economics, Computer science, computer programming, Biology, etc. will also collect and submit needed data/information.

The KOWHA Account and the Shamarak Accounts will support the CASTNET DEPARTMENT.
The Account overseers for the Kowha account are B_y, Br_k as ACCOUNT HOLDER;
D_c, P_s and Y_t1 as TREASURY; AND B_r1, L_k and E_s as 2nd TREASURY.
And the overseers for the Shamarak Account are E, and R.
All expenses will go to B_r1 where he will make records in the Account Payable Department.
The second diagram shows the main Departments Members. These members are(E_s, J_a, A_a1, and A_a2).

E_s will oversee the SUEMATTOO, ACADEMIA, and ACADEMIC Departments and its Members.

A_a1 will oversee the CASTNET Department, and its Members. She will add any NEW comer(s) to the Castnet Department;
J_a will oversee the LEAD Department, and its Members.
A_a2 will oversee the NET and LEARNING CENTER Departments, and its Members;

The diagram below shows the structure of how we will monitor the Castnet department. The code name for the design is called CASTNET.
The Castnet is created from two parts: One part is called the LEAD, and the other part is called the NET.

Initials in the gray-ish circles are Members who will be in the LEAD Department, and initials in the olive, and lavender circles are the Members who will be in the NET Department.

These members are (E_s, J_a, A_a1, Br_j, A_a2, R_m, E_t, L_s, P_b and Y_t2 ). See diagram below.
These members will gather/collect data/information that will help support the family program. These information/data will collect in a manner or during the time of the TYG Members school year. Any YOF Member in an university/college will also collect/gather data during his/her college years and submit them to E_s where she will give those information to the Castnet Department.

Anyone between an University/College, and High School, (see diagram below, A_a2 for e.g.) will be the BOSS of the LEARNING Center. This person will collect any and all info./data from family members who are in High School, in other words, members of the Net Department.
Names(initials) showed in Olive Green will be next in line to become members of the Lead Department. These members will get familar with "Data Collection" while being members of the Net and/or Learning Center Department. In this way, things will go smoothly among the LEAD group. When the names in the lavender circles become Olive green, then they will begin to collect info./data.

Click on image to enlarge.


Note: The next two members who will be added to the Net Department will be R_r, and A_a3, or will be in the lavender circles.

A_a1 will oversee the CASTNET Department Members. She will add any NEW comer to the Castnet department.

A_a1 will be in charge of the CASTNET Department and its Members.

Discussion will be based on what we would like for the Castnet Team to do during each year for the family program going forward.
All Family members who will be in an University/College, and High School will have to list their classes/subjects in the Academic department, so we will know what type of data/information we would like for them to collect.

The CASTNET group will monitor our database and make sure all information/data collected and written are secured in the TYG Database Enterprise. Data will be Gathered, Complied, Stored, etc. by members of the CASTNET Department.

During each school term, all Academia Members will go to the Academic Department and enter their courses/subjects. If any member of this family wants to know who is in College, in High School, what classes he/she is taking, what grade he/she is in, and so on, they can simple go to the SUEMATTOO Department.
From the Suemattoo Department, we will be able to monitor family members academic backgrounds and school records.
E_s will be in charge of the Suemattoo, Academia, and the Academic Departments.
E will be in charge of the Research and Development -(R&D) Department.

During the month of June, we all should try to reach out to these names/initials in the CASTNET Department and support them. That is, let see if we can help them out with the school expenses.
If we support these members starting now, they will have a better understanding of their responsiblities towards the family program and the CASTNET Department without our help.
Having a direction for these kids, they will be able to teach any new LEAD and/or NET member about the purpose of the CASTNET Department. But, if we choose not to support them now, we will have to explain the purpose of this diagram over and over for every new name that will appear under CASTNET Department.

Anyone who is attending school/college will have the opportunity to enter/list his/her class in the Academic Department. Every school term, all Academia members will go to the Suemattoo department and enter the courses/subjects.
This Diagram shows the three main R & D Departments: The Castnet, and its Sub-Departments, the Lead, and the Net Departments.

The diagram shows the four departments that will work and colaborate together so data/information can be complied and stored in the Castnet department.
They will help/tutor each other with their classes. For example, if A_a1 took a class, then she would be able to help anyone else who are or plan to take the same class. A_a1 can even mail the a text book if someone else needed it for a college course.

A_a1 will supervise the CASTNET Department.
J_a will supervise the LEAD Department.
A_a2 will supervise both the NET Department, and the Learning Center.

The diagram below shows the over-all supporting departments for the Family Board Of Education-DOE.
The Kowha and Shamarak Departments will cover all expenese coming from the Board of Education-(DOE).

R will be the Financial Officer, and the 2nd TO TREASURY. for the SHAMARAK Account.
B_r1 will be the Financial Officer, and the 2nd TO TREASURY for the KOWHA Account.

A_a1 will oversee the CASTNET Department Members. She will add any NEW comer to the Castnet department.

BROSIS, try to explain to your kids the true purpose of their roles and responsiblities. Go to their home page and see what they have to do in the family business. Do it NOW, so you DON'T have to do it later.


There are no Updates!!!


There is no Accomplishment!!!


The table shows the people who will be working in the family business.
Please find your name and then go to your personal home page and
read more about your responsibilities.

If your background is empty, pleae provide the info. so you can be assigned to
to your respective department in the family business.

Y and R will be in charge of the TYG Staff Members from the Business depatment point of view.
I will discuss more about this later.

B_r1 and E_s will also be familiar with this table. The reason is that
from the Suemattoo point of view, B-r1 and E_s will be able to palce
anyone to a specific department in the family business. Y and R will know
that someone is in a department, but it's not their job to place anyone in any
These are members who are currently in TYG Family Research and Development Department.


There are (24) members in the R&D Department.
RD ID NameGenerationMemberStart Date BackGroundDepartment Name
4EG2TYG01/01/16Computer SciencePhus Aid Clinic
5AG2TYG01/01/16Real EstateReal Estate
8P_sG3YOF01/01/16NursingPhus Aid Clinic
9B_r1G3YOF01/01/16BusinessAccount Payable
10B_yG3YOF01/01/16BusinessAccount Receivable
16Br_jG3YOF01/01/16High SchoolLead
17A_a2G3YOF01/01/16High SchoolNet
18R_mG3TYG01/01/16High SchoolNet
19E_tG3TYG01/01/16High SchoolNet
20L_sG3TYG01/01/16High SchoolNet
21P_bG3TYG01/01/16High SchoolNet
22Y_t2G3TYG01/01/16High SchoolNet
23R_rG3TYG11/01/16High SchoolNet
24A_a3G3TYG11/01/16Hig SchoolNet

These are members who are currently in college/university and/or Graduated or No longer in a universiy/college


There are currently (16) YOF Members.
NameGenMemberTokenRankContr/ Week Annual PymtSchool ExpenseTrustees
D_sG3YOF4 anchors 5 ropesRetired52600Uncle
D_cG3YOF3 Anchors 4 Ropes152600Treasury
P_sG3YOF2 Anchor 3 Ropes252600Treasury
B_r1G3YOF1 Anchor 1 Rope6526002nd Treasury
B_yG3YOF1 Anchor 3 Ropes352600Account Holder
Br_kG3YOF1 Achor 2 Ropes452600Account Holder
Y_t1G3YOF1 Anchor 2 Ropes452600Treasury
Br_dG3YOF2 Ropes852600Uncle
B_r2G3YOF2 Ropes852600Uncle
L_kG3YOF2 Ropes8526002nd Treasury
E_sG3YOF2 Ropes8526002nd Treasury
P_aG3YOF2 Anchors 1 Rope552600Uncle
J_aG3YOF1 Rope952600Uncle
A_a1G3YOF1 Rope952600Uncle

These are members who are currently in High School, Elementary or Kindergarten.


There are(19) TYG Members.
NameGenMember Start DateDepartment Description
R_mG3TYG07/01/14NetData Collection
E_tG3TYG07/01/14NetData Collection
L_sG3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterTutoring
P_bG3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterTutoring
Y_t2G3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterTutoring
R_rG3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterTutoring
A_a3G3TYG11/01/16Learning CenterTutoring
L_cG3TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
Ad_kG3TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
A_a4G3TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
Ad_lG3TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
G_pG3TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
p_S_c1G4TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
p_A_aG4TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
d_C_cG4TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
y_T1_hG4TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
d_S_kG4TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
p_S_c2G4TYG07/01/14Day CareToys and Games
G_mG3TYG11/03/16Day CareToys and Games

The table below shows the Family Members who are currently in College.
E is an exception here. These members are (E_s, J_a, and A_a1).

These members are also in the Academia Department.
They will make sure that other members add any/all college
and High School courses in the Academic department during his/her school year.
In this way, other family members will be able to know each other academic background.
They will also be working in the family business.
These are members who are currently in college/university and/or Graduated.


There are (6) College Members.
ACADEMIA IDNameGenerationMember AgeEducationMajorCreditDegree
1EG2TYG52CollegeComputer Scienc120BS
2E_sG3YOF26CollegeLiberal Arts60AS
3A_a1G3YOF24CollegeLiberal Arts12AS
4J_aG3YOF24CollegeLiberal Arts12AS

The table below shows the Family Members who are currenly in High School.
These members are also in the Academia Department.
A_a2 will be in charge of all High School members.
These member are (Br_j, R_m, E_t, L_s, P_b, Y_t2, R_r and A_a3).
They will add all subjects/classes/courses in the Academic department.
These are members who are currently in High School and/or Graduated.


There are (7) High School Members.
ACADEMIA ID NameGenerationMember AgeEducationMajorCreditDegree
7R_mG3TYG21High SchoolN/A0N/A
8E_tG3TYG20High SchoolN/A0N/A
9L_sG3TYG19High SchoolN/A0N/A
10P_bG3TYG18High SchoolN/A0N/A
11Y_t2G3TYG18High SchoolN/A0N/A
12R_rG3TYG14High SchoolN/A0N/A
13A_a3G3TYG13High SchoolN/A0N/A

The Learning Center will have all kids who are in High School. These members will collaborate, by working together with all high school materials. A_a2 will be in charge of the Learning Center and its members.
These are members who are in the Family Learning Center.


There are (5) Learning Center Members.
TYG ID NameAgeGenerationMemberStart Date DepartmentRoleDescription
3L_s19G3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterHelperTutoring
4P_b18G3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterHelperTutoring
5Y_t218G3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterHelperTutoring
6R_r14G3TYG07/01/14Learning CenterHelperTutoring
7A_a313G3TYG11/01/16Learning CenterHelperTutoring



TYG Members

R and D

TYG Staff


Learning Center

TYG Members


Parika BackDam





Loose Change
TYG Members

Division I

Division II
There are (13) members in the Castnet Department.
CASTNET IDName GenerationMemberStart Date Department Role
1EG2TYG06/01/16Research & DevelopmentSupervisor
3A_a1G3YOF06/01/16CastnetCompile and Storage
4J_aG3YOF06/01/16LeadData Mining
5Br_jG3YOF06/01/16LeadData Mining
6A_a2G3YOF06/01/16NetData Collection
7R_mG3TYG06/01/16NetData Collection
8E_tG3TYG06/01/16NetData Collection
9L_sG3TYG06/01/16NetData Collection
10P_bG3TYG06/01/16NetData Collection
11Y_t2G3TYG06/01/16NetData Collection
12R_rG3TYG08/01/17NetData Collection
13A_a3G3TYG08/01/17NetData Collection

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